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phpAlbum.netThe program is a nice one however...newnormalfeature4 years 28 weeksyeomanjake
phpAlbum.netScan errornewnormalfeature6 years 41 weekswebbizo
phpAlbum.netmy site not show upnewnormalbug3 years 24
phpAlbum.netDuplicates of galleries and pictures not showing unewnormalbug2 years 18 weeksUnitsi
phpAlbum.netAccess groups based picture sizesnewnormalfeature6 years 40 weeksTrudd
phpAlbum.netthumbnails display problemnewcriticalbug3 years 6 daysTrpplayer79
phpAlbum.netdynamical textareas?newnormalfeature6 years 25 weeksThomas
phpAlbum.netpreload imagenewnormalfeature5 years 20 weeksthexderz
phpAlbum.netRESTRICT the VISIBILITY of certain PICTURESnewnormalfeature6 years 19 weekstheodor
phpAlbum.netNot version specific, but maybe handynewnormalfeature4 years 31 weeksThaSkullman
phpAlbum.netInstallation wizard for phpAlbum failed because ofnewcriticalbug3 years 1 weektavhank01
phpAlbum.netZip Upload Not Working!!newcriticalsupport5 years 30 weekssylo
phpAlbum.netExplorer Iframe Not Working, Help ASAP!!!in worknormalsupport5 years 44 weekssylo
phpAlbum.netBoard around templatenewcriticalsupport4 years 35 weeksstewright
phpAlbum.netSecurity Risk: "main.php?cmd=phpinfo" provides accnewcriticalbug5 years 1 weekssimroth
phpAlbum.net1newnormalbug3 years 11 weeksshiyanchong
phpAlbum.netdata dirnewcriticalfeature3 years 18 weekssangeeth
phpAlbum.netUser Uploadnewcriticalfeature5 years 46 weeksrootCat
phpAlbum.netDirectory Problemnewnormalbug5 years 19 weeksricknil
phpAlbum.netWrite E-Cardnewnormalfeature6 years 9 weekspirate
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