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phpAlbum.netnewcriticalbug9 years 50 weeks"File Not Found"newnormalsupport9 years 18 weeksk9plx"real" database accessnewnormalfeature10 years 41 weeks"Scan directories now!" doesn't work anymorenewnormalbug10 years 3 weeks'Phantom' albumsnewcriticalbug9 years 23 weeksHarbinger1080
phpAlbum.net1newnormalbug7 years 28 weeksshiyanchong
phpAlbum.net90º / 180º rotationnewnormaltask6 years 8 weeksmastermind
phpAlbum.netability to use phpAlbum in Cooliris (formerly PicLnewnormalfeature9 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netAccess groups based picture sizesnewnormalfeature11 years 5 weeksTrudd
phpAlbum.netAccess loggingnewnormalbug9 years 22 weeks
phpAlbum.netadd comment wont turn offnewnormalbug10 years 15 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdd custom fields to registration page and have rein worknormalfeature10 years 36 weekspatrik
phpAlbum.netadd support for symbolic links for files and direcnewnormalbug8 years 33 weeksJED
phpAlbum.netAdd usersnewnormalfeature11 years 11 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdding massive amounts of filesnewcriticalfeature5 years 44 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdditional variables in URL $_GET for better integnewnormalfeature9 years 42 weeks
phpAlbum.netAlbum dispalys files with leading dotnewminorbug8 years 27 weeks
phpAlbum.netalbum_directorynewnormalbug9 years 37 weeks
phpAlbum.netApostophes on IPTC headlinesnewcriticalbug9 years 37 weeks
phpAlbum.netarray_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, nulnewcriticalbug5 years 45 weeks
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