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phpAlbum.netScan directory works not anymorenewcriticalsupport8 years 48 weekslouis
phpAlbum.netNot version specific, but maybe handynewnormalfeature8 years 48 weeksThaSkullman
phpAlbum.netThe program is a nice one however...newnormalfeature8 years 45 weeksyeomanjake
phpAlbum.netmisstypes in source codenewminorbug8 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netengine.php may calculate "short" Hex numbers for cnewnormalbug8 years 40 weeks
phpAlbum.netFolder with photosnewnormalfeature8 years 36 weeks
phpAlbum.netNational charactersnewnormalfeature8 years 36 weeks
phpAlbum.netPhoto in E-Cardnewnormalfeature8 years 35 weeks
phpAlbum.netError Log Warningsnewnormalbug8 years 31 weeks
phpAlbum.netadd support for symbolic links for files and direcnewnormalbug8 years 33 weeksJED
phpAlbum.netAlbum dispalys files with leading dotnewminorbug8 years 27 weeks
phpAlbum.netUnknown error on IIS7 x64newnormalsupport8 years 26 weeksDigigraaf
phpAlbum.netHi I need help f.newcriticalsupport8 years 22 weeksmurari_am
phpAlbum.netMemory leaknewcriticalbug8 years 21 weeks
phpAlbum.netWarnings on line 981 and 982 in Main.phpnewnormalbug7 years 29 weeks
phpAlbum.netJPG vs jpgnewnormalsupport8 years 20 weeks
phpAlbum.netThumbnail and IMG not displayingnewminorbug8 years 19 weeks
phpAlbum.netphp no longer worksnewcriticalsupport8 years 15 weeksdigitalrwy
phpAlbum.netPlease explain directory structure.newnormalsupport8 years 15 weeksHiero
phpAlbum.netUpload Manager errorsnewcriticalbug8 years 13 weekslyzbutler
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