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ProjectSummaryStatussort iconPriCategoryLast updatedAssigned to
phpAlbum.netdata dirnewcriticalfeature4 years 2 dayssangeeth
phpAlbum.netmy site not show upnewnormalbug4 years 6
phpAlbum.netdomain coupon godaddynewnormalbug4 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netdomain coupon godaddynewnormalbug4 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netmain.php?cmd=imageorig&var1=logo.jpg wont show anynewcriticalbug4 years 3 weeks
phpAlbum.netMemory leaknewcriticalbug4 years 38 weeks
phpAlbum.netPHP syntax/parse errornewnormalbug6 years 31 weeks
phpAlbum.netUploadsnewnormalfeature6 years 36 weeks
phpAlbum.netphotobucket linksnewnormalfeature6 years 48 weekspatrik
phpAlbum.netphpAlbumnewnormalfeature6 years 49 weeks
phpAlbum.netSave FTP ID/PW in Upload Managernewminorfeature6 years 50 weeks
phpAlbum.netSearch...newcriticalsupport6 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netHave user registration mailed to administratornewnormalsupport7 years 5 days
phpAlbum.netEmbed Short/Long descriptions into IPTC of files (newnormalfeature7 years 1 week
phpAlbum.netCannot use the FTP upload managernewnormalsupport7 years 5 weeks
phpAlbum.netSaved login info for Uploadernewnormalfeature7 years 5 weeks
phpAlbum.netHTTP uploadnewnormalfeature7 years 7 weeks"real" database accessnewnormalfeature7 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netWrite E-Cardnewnormalfeature6 years 43 weekspirate
phpAlbum.netLogo File Changenewnormalsupport6 years 41 weeks
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