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phpAlbum.netBrand new installation using Installer won't accepnewnormalbug6 years 14 weeksMot
phpAlbum.netLOGOUT click twice to worknewcriticalbug6 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netSEARCHIN featurenewcriticalsupport6 years 4 weeksjbarahona
phpAlbum.netusername and account deletednewcriticalbug6 years 2 weeks
phpAlbum.netParent Directory newnormalsupport6 years 1 weeklmaun
phpAlbum.netInstalling issuenewnormalsupport5 years 50 weeksbornatowicz
phpAlbum.netExif date sortnewnormalfeature5 years 49 weeks
phpAlbum.netSetup ecard page producted debug informationnewnormalbug5 years 49 weeks
phpAlbum.netCan you add Logout to the Album Pagenewnormalfeature5 years 49 weeks
phpAlbum.net90º / 180º rotationnewnormaltask5 years 48 weeksmastermind
phpAlbum.netinstallnewnormalsupport5 years 45 weeks
phpAlbum.netarray_slice() expects parameter 1 to be array, nulnewcriticalbug5 years 33 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdding massive amounts of filesnewcriticalfeature5 years 32 weeks
phpAlbum.netHints for improvementnewnormalfeature5 years 30 weeks
phpAlbum.netcannot see the image or image thumbnailnewnormalbug5 years 27 weeks
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