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phpAlbum.netUSER REDIRECT after loginnewcriticalfeature9 years 12 weeksnagypeterendre
phpAlbum.netmod-rewrites for google seo and page indexing.newnormalfeature9 years 10 weekscarminejg3
phpAlbum.netsome ideasnewnormalfeature9 years 9 weeks
phpAlbum.netFile Exclusion Patternnewnormalfeature9 years 9 weeks
phpAlbum.netRESTRICT the VISIBILITY of certain PICTURESnewnormalfeature8 years 51 weekstheodor
phpAlbum.netRotation of Pictures 90 Deg CW and CCWnewnormalfeature8 years 35 weeks
phpAlbum.netdynamical textareas?newnormalfeature9 years 5 weeksThomas"real" database accessnewnormalfeature9 years 4 weeks
phpAlbum.netHTTP uploadnewnormalfeature9 years 4 weeks
phpAlbum.netSaved login info for Uploadernewnormalfeature9 years 3 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdd custom fields to registration page and have rein worknormalfeature8 years 51 weekspatrik
phpAlbum.netEmbed Short/Long descriptions into IPTC of files (newnormalfeature8 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netSave FTP ID/PW in Upload Managernewminorfeature8 years 47 weeks
phpAlbum.netphpAlbumnewnormalfeature8 years 47 weeks
phpAlbum.netphotobucket linksnewnormalfeature8 years 46 weekspatrik
phpAlbum.netUploadsnewnormalfeature8 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netWrite E-Cardnewnormalfeature8 years 41 weekspirate
phpAlbum.netMinor ideas - clicking setup when viewing a picturnewminorfeature8 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netRemarks about FTPnewminorfeature8 years 35 weeks
phpAlbum.netShow number of images in Albumnewnormalfeature8 years 34 weeks
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