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ProjectSummaryStatusPriCategoryLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
phpAlbum.netCannot use the FTP upload managernewnormalsupport7 years 1 week
phpAlbum.netSearch...newcriticalsupport6 years 48 weeks
phpAlbum.netFollow on to Install Issuein worknormalsupport6 years 40 weeks
phpAlbum.netNot generating thumbnails for all directorisnewnormalbug6 years 21 weeks
phpAlbum.netPicture requestnewnormalsupport6 years 17 weeks
phpAlbum.netGenerate all the thumbnails via control panelnewcriticalfeature6 years 8 weeks
phpAlbum.netnewcriticalbug6 years 12 weeks
phpAlbum.netMain Gallery Alias not displayingnewnormalsupport6 years 8 weeks
phpAlbum.netRate Photosnewcriticalfeature6 years 6 weeks
phpAlbum.netshdw_rd.png shiftedin workcriticalbug6 years 2 weeks
phpAlbum.netAdditional variables in URL $_GET for better integnewnormalfeature6 years 3 weeks
phpAlbum.netApostophes on IPTC headlinesnewcriticalbug5 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netIPTC searchingnewnormalfeature5 years 41 weeks
phpAlbum.netNo picture - No Logonewcriticalbug5 years 39 weeks
phpAlbum.netdb_create_set_function - parsing bugnewnormalbug5 years 33 weeks
phpAlbum.netFolder with photosnewnormalfeature4 years 50 weeks
phpAlbum.netMemory leaknewcriticalbug4 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netUse flowplayer to stream video/audionewnormalfeature4 years 19 weeks
phpAlbum.netErrors When Displaying Albumsnewnormalbug4 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netdomain coupon godaddynewnormalbug4 years 3 weeks
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