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ProjectSummaryStatusPriCategoryLast updatedAssigned tosort icon
phpAlbum.netJPG vs jpgnewnormalsupport6 years 30 weeks
phpAlbum.netWorking Photo Album crashednewcriticalbug6 years 10 weeks
phpAlbum.netmain.php?cmd=imageorig&var1=logo.jpg wont show anynewcriticalbug5 years 48 weeks
phpAlbum.netTwo errors when trying to save setup after fresh inewnormalbug5 years 31 weeks
phpAlbum.netLarger images not showing in thumbnailnewnormalbug5 years 15 weeks
phpAlbum.netPhoto directory on external FTP-servernewminorfeature5 years 4 weeks
phpAlbum.netcmd=phpinfo / includefilesnewcriticaltask4 years 45 weeks
phpAlbum.netHints for improvementnewnormalfeature4 years 3 days
phpAlbum.netusername and account deletednewcriticalbug4 years 23 weeks
phpAlbum.netinstallnewnormalsupport4 years 14 weeks
phpAlbum.netSlideshownewcriticalfeature7 years 1 week
phpAlbum.netWindow XP publishing wizardnewnormalfeature8 years 5 weeks
phpAlbum.netLogout buttonnewnormalfeature8 years 17 weeks
phpAlbum.netHTTP uploadnewnormalfeature8 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netEmbed Short/Long descriptions into IPTC of files (newnormalfeature8 years 45 weeks
phpAlbum.netphpAlbumnewnormalfeature8 years 41 weeks
phpAlbum.netRemarks about FTPnewminorfeature8 years 29 weeks
phpAlbum.netSpecial strings used in eCard SUBJECT fields don'tnewnormalbug8 years 24 weeks
phpAlbum.neteCardnewnormalbug8 years 20 weeks
phpAlbum.netTemplate Designnewnormalsupport8 years 4 weeks
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