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phpAlbum.netMake use of Alt and Title attributesnewnormalfeature10 years 3 days
phpAlbum.netEcard samplenewnormalfeature9 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netplay .avinewnormalfeature9 years 39 weeks
phpAlbum.netFile Exclusion Patternnewnormalfeature9 years 34 weeks"real" database accessnewnormalfeature9 years 29 weeks
phpAlbum.netSave FTP ID/PW in Upload Managernewminorfeature9 years 20 weeks
phpAlbum.netUploadsnewnormalfeature9 years 6 weeks
phpAlbum.netMinor ideas - clicking setup when viewing a picturnewminorfeature9 years 7 weeks
phpAlbum.netTyponewminorbug9 years 5 weeks
phpAlbum.netPHP code visible on eCard page after any change tonewnormalbug9 years 2 weeks
phpAlbum.netbroken linknewnormalsupport8 years 51 weeks
phpAlbum.netAutomatic Thumbnail generation and different cachenewnormalfeature8 years 47 weeks"Scan directories now!" doesn't work anymorenewnormalbug8 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netphpAlbum doesn't work with PHP short_tags set to Onewnormalbug8 years 42 weeks
phpAlbum.netVery slow cachingnewcriticalbug8 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netCode uses <? instead of <?phpnewminorbug8 years 36 weeks
phpAlbum.netContact Formnewnormalfeature8 years 33 weeks
phpAlbum.netability to use phpAlbum in Cooliris (formerly PicLnewnormalfeature8 years 31 weeks
phpAlbum.netalbum_directorynewnormalbug8 years 25 weeks
phpAlbum.netRSS feed supportnewnormalfeature8 years 23 weeks
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