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phpAlbum.netCan you add Logout to the Album Pagenewnormalfeature2 years 6 weeks
phpAlbum.netcss file is missing in Flowing Dark schemenewminorfeature7 years 11 weeks
phpAlbum.netTimes viewed for Individual Albumsnewnormalfeature7 years 9 weeks
phpAlbum.netNumber of pictures in the Album / Galleriesnewnormalfeature7 years 8 weeks
phpAlbum.netFrosta og Omegn Kaninhoppeklubbs Fotoalbumnewnormalfeature7 years 3 weeks
phpAlbum.netsome ideasnewnormalfeature6 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netCannot use the FTP upload managernewnormalsupport6 years 36 weeks
phpAlbum.netSearch...newcriticalsupport6 years 31 weeks
phpAlbum.netFollow on to Install Issuein worknormalsupport6 years 23 weeks
phpAlbum.netNot generating thumbnails for all directorisnewnormalbug6 years 4 weeks
phpAlbum.netPicture requestnewnormalsupport6 years 2 days
phpAlbum.netGenerate all the thumbnails via control panelnewcriticalfeature5 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netnewcriticalbug5 years 47 weeks
phpAlbum.netMain Gallery Alias not displayingnewnormalsupport5 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netRate Photosnewcriticalfeature5 years 41 weeks
phpAlbum.netSimpler Upload for Lower Level Users.newnormalfeature5 years 39 weeks
phpAlbum.netvotingnewcriticalfeature5 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netphoto comment email notificiationnewnormalfeature5 years 33 weeks
phpAlbum.netzip foldernewcriticalbug5 years 25 weeks
phpAlbum.netInstall goodnewnormalbug5 years 23 weeks
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