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phpAlbum.netShow number of images in Albumnewnormalfeature10 years 18 weeks
phpAlbum.netadd comment wont turn offnewnormalbug10 years 14 weeks
phpAlbum.netPHP syntax/parse errornewnormalbug10 years 13 weeks
phpAlbum.netGenerate thumbsnewnormalfeature10 years 10 weeks
phpAlbum.netSEO Featuresnewcriticalfeature9 years 44 weeks
phpAlbum.netPhoto album page does not show upnewcriticalsupport9 years 40 weeks
phpAlbum.netSimpler Upload for Lower Level Users.newnormalfeature9 years 42 weeks
phpAlbum.netvotingnewcriticalfeature9 years 37 weeks
phpAlbum.netphoto comment email notificiationnewnormalfeature9 years 35 weeks
phpAlbum.netzip foldernewcriticalbug9 years 28 weeks
phpAlbum.netInstall goodnewnormalbug9 years 26 weeks[upload manager] Path bugnewnormalbug9 years 20 weeks
phpAlbum.netGuest permisions to "Galleries" is not workingnewnormalbug9 years 17 weeks
phpAlbum.netNewest Pictures don't Show Up After First Timenewnormalbug9 years 6 weeks
phpAlbum.netVariable folder scan timenewnormalfeature9 years 5 weeks
phpAlbum.netUser Listnewnormalsupport8 years 49 weeks
phpAlbum.netmisstypes in source codenewminorbug8 years 43 weeks
phpAlbum.netPhoto in E-Cardnewnormalfeature8 years 34 weeks
phpAlbum.netJPG vs jpgnewnormalsupport8 years 20 weeks
phpAlbum.netWorking Photo Album crashednewcriticalbug8 years 2 days
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