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The program is a nice one however...newnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix064 years 42 weeksyeomanjake
Scan errornewnormalfeature0.4.1-147 years 2 weekswebbizo
my site not show upnewnormalbug0.4.1-143 years 38
Duplicates of galleries and pictures not showing unewnormalbug0.4.1-162 years 32 weeksUnitsi
Access groups based picture sizesnewnormalfeature0.4.1-147 years 2 weeksTrudd
thumbnails display problemnewcriticalbug0.4.1-14_fix063 years 14 weeksTrpplayer79
dynamical textareas?newnormalfeature0.4.1-146 years 38 weeksThomas
preload imagenewnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix055 years 34 weeksthexderz
RESTRICT the VISIBILITY of certain PICTURESnewnormalfeature0.4.1-beta96 years 32 weekstheodor
Not version specific, but maybe handynewnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix064 years 45 weeksThaSkullman
Installation wizard for phpAlbum failed because ofnewcriticalbug0.4.1-beta113 years 15 weekstavhank01
Explorer Iframe Not Working, Help ASAP!!!in worknormalsupport0.4.1-146 years 6 weekssylo
Zip Upload Not Working!!newcriticalsupport0.4.1-145 years 43 weekssylo
Board around templatenewcriticalsupport0.4.1-144 years 48 weeksstewright
Security Risk: "main.php?cmd=phpinfo" provides accnewcriticalbug0.4.1-14_fix055 years 15 weeksssimroth
1newnormalbug0.4.1-beta93 years 24 weeksshiyanchong
data dirnewcriticalfeature0.4.1-beta93 years 31 weekssangeeth
User Uploadnewcriticalfeature0.4.1-146 years 7 weeksrootCat
Directory Problemnewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix055 years 33 weeksricknil
Write E-Cardnewnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix036 years 22 weekspirate
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