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Hints for improvementnewnormalfeature0.4.1-165 years 51 weeks
username and account deletednewcriticalbug0.4.1-166 years 23 weeks
installnewnormalsupport0.4.1-166 years 13 weeks
Slideshownewcriticalfeature0.4.1-14_fix069 years 2 days
Window XP publishing wizardnewnormalfeature0.4.1-1410 years 4 weeks
Logout buttonnewnormalfeature0.4.1-1410 years 17 weeks
HTTP uploadnewnormalfeature0.4.1-beta910 years 50 weeks
Embed Short/Long descriptions into IPTC of files (newnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix0210 years 45 weeks
phpAlbumnewnormalfeature0.4.1-beta910 years 40 weeks
Remarks about FTPnewminorfeature0.4.1-14_fix0310 years 28 weeks
Special strings used in eCard SUBJECT fields don'tnewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix0310 years 23 weeks
eCardnewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix0410 years 20 weeks
Very slow cachingnewcriticalbug0.4.1-1410 years 3 weeks
Code uses <? instead of <?phpnewminorbug0.4.1-14_fix0410 years 5 weeks
Contact Formnewnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix0410 years 1 week
ability to use phpAlbum in Cooliris (formerly PicLnewnormalfeature0.4.1-14_fix0410 years 1 day
album_directorynewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix049 years 46 weeks
RSS feed supportnewnormalfeature0.4.1-beta99 years 44 weeks
php issuesnewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix059 years 32 weeks
Access loggingnewnormalbug0.4.1-14_fix059 years 31 weeks
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