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css file is missing in Flowing Dark schemenewminorfeature0.4.1-beta14_fix0111 years 11 weeks
Times viewed for Individual Albumsnewnormalfeature11 years 8 weeks
Number of pictures in the Album / Galleriesnewnormalfeature11 years 7 weeks
Frosta og Omegn Kaninhoppeklubbs Fotoalbumnewnormalfeature0.4.1-1411 years 3 weeks
some ideasnewnormalfeature0.4.1-beta910 years 42 weeks
Cannot use the FTP upload managernewnormalsupport0.4.1-14_fix0110 years 35 weeks
Search...newcriticalsupport0.4.1-14_fix0210 years 30 weeks
Follow on to Install Issuein worknormalsupport0.4.1-1410 years 23 weeks
Not generating thumbnails for all directorisnewnormalbug0.4.1-beta910 years 4 weeks
Picture requestnewnormalsupport9 years 51 weeks
Generate all the thumbnails via control panelnewcriticalfeature0.4.1-149 years 42 weeks
newcriticalbug0.4.1-14_fix049 years 46 weeks
Main Gallery Alias not displayingnewnormalsupport0.4.1-14_fix049 years 42 weeks
Rate Photosnewcriticalfeature0.4.1-14_fix049 years 41 weeks
shdw_rd.png shiftedin workcriticalbug0.4.1-beta99 years 36 weeks
Additional variables in URL $_GET for better integnewnormalfeature0.4.1-149 years 38 weeks
Apostophes on IPTC headlinesnewcriticalbug0.4.1-beta99 years 33 weeks
IPTC searchingnewnormalfeature0.4.1-149 years 24 weeks
No picture - No Logonewcriticalbug0.4.1-14_fix059 years 21 weeks
db_create_set_function - parsing bugnewnormalbug0.4.1-149 years 16 weeks
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