News on developing of the new Version

As you know, I am currently working on the new version of phpAlbum.
I know it takes too long, much longer as I thought it will.

The main problem is that I began too many things to implement and this is not good, as it takes much time to get it all to work perfectly. Next time I will rather work in step-by-step style, releasing more versions with less new features.

Following most important new features besides many bug-fixies will be released in new version:

  • LightBox like support for both themes, actually I used Slimbox as I like it more and it works better and needs less resources.
  • Flickr-style PhotoNotes from, I thing this is very cool feature and you will definitely like it. I did some customizing on this nice script, so it behaves even more like by Flickr.
  • Fulltext Search engine, you will be able to search not only for Keywords, but for all texts in descriptions of photos and for file names. It also supports "Did you mean?" feature.

So pleas be patient, you can be sure, you will like it more then before.


Release Date

Hey Patrik,

Do you have an approximate release date for the next version? We are interested in adding some additional features and we would like to get a quote from you to get an idea of the costs. We would like to get this quickly and would be willing to compensate you. Please email me back directly at

Harry Miles

Worth the wait

Looking forward to the new version!


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