adding content to album view

on this demo you have some contect on the right of the directory listing how did you do this?

when i try i get the content on everypage.

Thanks tim

Description vs File Name

To take Tim's question a bit father, how do you give a title to each picture other than the file name? In setup, there is this option: "Enable showing filenames under thumbnails if no description is aviable". How do I create a description?


Me too

I'd like to know the answers to both Tim's and Bill's questions as well.

Hello, magic word is

magic word is "Directories". There is a "Directories" section in setup.

If you click that you get list of the directories with some parameters. Now, you can click on every of this directory name. Yes it is a link :) If you do this you get more parameters about this directory and also list of all pictures in this directory. You can then add also some longer description of direcotry and also describe the pictures. Just try it you will see what happens.

In the case of demo album i just puuted some html code in the long description of the root direcotry "/",


thanks thats great just what i wanted.


Ditto to what Tim said. That is what I was seeking as well. Thank you for your guidance and the great album. :)

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