No thumbnails displayed and page hangs

Versions of the software I'm using:
php-5.2.5_p20080206-r3 (bundled with GD2)

Basically I installed phpAlbum which went fine, configured it happily, but after adding my pictures it seems it doesn't want to make the thumbnails... or rather it does a few after a long time and hangs. PHP is currently configured to use 256MB RAM max so it's not a shortage of RAM (or rather shouldn't be). And the pictures are around 1200x800 in size (or smaller).

I checked "top" on the server to see 4 instances of Apache using 25% CPU time (and about 2.5% RAM each) and it just seems to hang in that state forever (it loaded 2 thumbnails in a gallery after a few seconds, I then left it for a few hours and even though it was still using the same CPU time and RAM, it hadn't done anything else).

Is this a bug or am I missing something in the configuration?

Weirdly disabling the shadow

Weirdly disabling the shadow border around pictures fixed this, has anyone experienced this before? (the thumbnails generated quickly and everything was fine after I turned the shadow off).

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