No Images/Thumbnails - Cant even view in Setup/Pictures


hope someone can help. i just installed one album and that worked. now i did another and got trouble, uploading images. their size is about 180kb, quite small, and there aint any thums or images.

i got the number of images when i browse in setup (1, etc.)

what´s wrong actually?

by the way, the auto-install script didnt work on that server. strange....

-> how can i check if GD2 is installed, and do u have a link where i can get info for gd2??????


Image size


I've had the same problem, and it turned out that the actual image size (W x H) was to large (not the file size). When I rescaled the pictures to 1000 x 750 ( W x H ) using Photoshop it worked fine.

Hope it helps

Best regards.

Image size limitations in PHP

Creation of thumbnails of hi res pictures (such as coming from 10Mb cameras) requires a lot of memory. By default PHP is set to use 16 MB of memory only. Increasing this to 64 Mb solves the problem.

Use PhpInfo() function to see PHP settings on your server. You will need administrative permissions to change them, and if you don't have such permissions you will have to request your ISP to make the change.

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