Photo Administrator not enabled

Hello and Thank You for your software.

I have installed it using the Wizard and the software looks and works great!

Please visit to see the example.

However, I am unable to use the Photo Administrator feature.

My FTP Host Name is, the same name I entered in the Wizard.

My HTML pages are located in the public directory so I entered /public/phpAlbum/photos_c20e6833/
into the field for Photos directory on FTP Server.

Is this the correct path or should I be entering the full absolute path?

Thank you for your assistance.


Hi, normally your setting

Hi, normally your setting should be ok, but you can try also full absolute path. Could you may be say what type of error are you getting so you are not able to use photo administrator. btw. if you are familiar with ftp, it is better to use ftp client as this photo administrator. I use this only if i am on som comp that has no ftp client ...
If you don't get it to work, just send me your setup password or even the ftp login info trough the contact formular when you click on "admin"

Photo Administrator not enabled

I am having the same problem, can't seem tio set theftp path. Used the install wizard and that work fine.
full path is …/usr/www/users/honunet/honu/windhambay/photos_dd782d7a/ and short is neither seem to be working.

please take a look, thee is no pass word as of yet on the site


Hello, you have some other


you have some other problem, if you read carefuly the message, you have to ask provider to enable FTP support, what i have forgotten to write there, it means FTP support in your php. No matter what you write in your setup as ftp path, untill you don't have ftp support in php it doesn't work.

Just use ordinary ftp client, tho photo administrator is not better and has no extra functions. It just helps if you need upload some pictures from computer where you don't have ftp client or if you are not familiar with ftp clients.

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