Filename Length

First of all, a big thank for this script. It is perfect for me.

Second: my english is very bad, but I try to explain my problem

I have installed phpAlbum and other galleries to try. Only whith phpAlbum I have this problem, then I think that is a restriction or bug in the script, and not in PHP or Apache.

If the filename length (without extension) is larger than 38 characters, the script not show the images or its thumbs.

It´s possible to modify easily?



Any idea about this?

Any idea about this?

I just tested it and it

I just tested it and it should work. What filename do you have?

Look here: Nature Album, I just placed there filename with >50 characters ...

May be the lenght of the

May be the lenght of the complete path?

I am testing whith only numbers in the name for calculate the limit. Like this: 01234567890123456789.jpg


Actually there is no limit

Actually there is no limit for filname length, only Operating Systems can have this, but if you have the file there it should be OK.

So no idea what the problem could be.

Ok, thanks. I must

Ok, thanks. I must investigate where is the problem

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