Modifying default.css

I'm trying to do things like change the font size and background. I think I do this by editing default.css in phpalbum/themes/engines/

However, after I make changes to that file and upload it, nothing seems to happen. I tried changing all the fonts from Arial to Verdana, and when I reload the album, it looks exactly the same.

Am I editing the wrong file? I can't find any other css files. I'm running here.



try the one in directory of

try the one in directory of your theme , for eaxample phpalbum/themes/Flowing_Dark/default.css if you are using Flowing_Dark.
default.css in engines is used if no one can be found in theme...

still nothing happens...

I put a default.css file in there (there wasn't a default.css file there before) and nothing changes.

I'm also having problems getting custom colors to work - I make a change and nothing seems to commit. For instance, I change the background color to black, but only the small piece behind the folder icons becomes black. I also tried to change the border color, but it stays white.

Any help would be appreciated. You've created a great set of scripts here! Thanks!

figured it out...

Never mind. I wasn't clearing out the cache in my browser - all happy now.


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