Issues, ideas and a thanks

First of all, a big thank you to the creators of this gallery script. It works almost perfectly :)

I do, however, have a few little problems:
- Upon adding a new directory with images into my gallery folder, and clicking the "Scan directories now" button, thumbnails aren't always produced... I can solve this by moving the images around to different directories a few times, and scanning again until it finally works. Random, isn't it?

- The 'root' folder of my images directory keeps filling up with several different kinds of *.php. I assume these files are necessary for the gallery to work, and I keep manually unchecking their visibility status, in order to not have them in my gallery. Would there be an easier way? Could these files either be saved in a different location, or perhaps only have image file types shown on the site?


- A feature for rotating images would be very nice!
- 'Remembering' file descriptions even if the image moves to another directory.

Thanks again,

Ilkka Pale

you have the same problem as

you have the same problem as here:


I changed the data_dir in config.php, and moved all the files that had appeared in my images directory into the freshly made data_dir.
Now i am unable to login with my old super-user account, or any other old account. Registration works fine, but it seems like the whole setup of phpAlbum has changed as a consequence of this change.

What do you suggest, Patrik?

- Ilkka Pale

I think it is possible that

I think it is possible that if you moved the files, that PA can't write them any more.

You will have to chmod all the files to 666, or delete them all and let PA to create new database. Do not forget to chmod that data directory to 777.



Apparently my whole setup is gone. I was able to login as admin, and found that everything is back to default.

Not a big problem. I'm doing a redesign of the site anyways, and would've been redoing the setup anyways. It's just the image descriptions i'm sad about. Will have to rewrite them all... :(

I'd like there to be a file that would save descriptions and link them to the file name of the image in question. I'm not a pro, but sounds logical and very possible.

I hope the other problem i was having before is gone now as well...

- Ilkka Pale (

You can store descriptions

You can store descriptions in your JPGs (IPTC-Information), they would be imported by PA automatically


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