some pictures are not shown

Hi all,

I have phpAlbum installed on my server...

It worked well with my family photos, but id does not work with a set of downloaded images somehow...

I have clicked on "Scan directories now" in Galleries and Pictures too, but it always shows only my pictures...

here is the example:

both of the pictures are ~1.2 Mbyte, so that cannot be the problem (my memory limit is around ~50M)

I can see the following error in the error log:

08/02/08 01:07:57 array_slice() [function.array-slice]: The first argument should be an array
/path/to/main.php (Line:980)
08/02/08 01:07:57 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/path/to/main.php (Line:981)

You can download the images and try it yourselves.

What can be the problem ?

I've downloaded your picture

I've downloaded your picture and viewed it with IrfanView. This program gives 2 sizes, 1 of about 1 MByte and 1 of 23 MByte. The first is the disk zie, the second is the memory size.
WHen I put it on my webspace the image won't show up either, however when I resize the image to the size of the other images (2522x1666) it shows up. with a disk size of 412 KByte and a memory size of 12 MByte.
So if you want to show those pictures who now won't show, it is an option to resize the images to a size at which they show up on your album.

Example is shown at
GEPA-0806075500.jpg is the original I downloaded from your album
GEPA-test.jpg is the image I resized.
Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Still not showing

I have uploaded an image with 1536 width by 2048 height - and the picture fails to show either as a thumbnail or picture.. but when you click on the link to see the full size if the picture, you see it in the browser by it self. Is there a config item in the program that will allow it to show?

thank you very much for your

thank you very much for your investigation !!!
going to resize the pictures, I will see what will happen...

solved :)

great !!

unfortunately my memory limit was 32M for this virtualhost only :(

I have increased it to 128M and everything works well..
Thanks again

Scan indicates pictures are scanned but do not show

I am new I clicked the scan and I see the name of photo images but the images do not show on the photo album site.

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