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Hi, i've just installed the latest version of phpalbum on my Apache/2.0.63 (FreeBSD) PHP/5.2.5 server, enabled "short_open_tag", put right permissions on my data/cache directories, include_path in php.ini is correct. But when i load index.php / main.php?cmd=album i get a blank page, no setup/install screen, no errormessages in the logfile. Nothing at all.

my data_*/ directory is filled with *.php files, but that's about it.

what should i look for? i'm sure it's something simple.

/ John

Did you solve it? Did you

Did you solve it? Did you try if at least PHP is working on your server?

blank page

I got a blank page too. After beating my head against the keyboard for a couple of hours I did this:
mv ./themes/borders ./themes/Borders
Now it seems to be working.

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