Recovering using backup files

Hi Patrik:

My internet provider gave me back my PHPAlbum files from his backup after having accidentally deleted my account.

Welcome to phpAlbum
Your data directory data_0qmusaf/ is not writable
Please change the rights on this directory so php can write in it. (UNIX: CHMOD 777, WINDOWS: setup rights)

My data directory IS set to 777, but all of the old files under it (such as "album_files_1004.php") are 644 RW-R-R. I thought I could re-set THEM also to 777, but get a message that it is not allowed.

Any ideas on how I can get my album back?


You could try to change them

You could try to change them to 666, as 777 is actually used for directories. 666 means read-write access to all ... but not execute.

Or you can ask provider to

Or you can ask provider to chown the files to wwwrun user ...

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