could not load Directory list inside the album section

Hi Everyone,

I have tried for almost 2 full days for this but in vain. After much research on the internet I've decided that PHPAlbum is the best opensource album scripts which suits to my website.

I've successfully modified the homepage theme (
On the left hand top section I have made one section for "Updated Albums". After tweaking with the main.php,engine.php and the stylesheet i was able to achieve this.

Once a user selects any album from here ( this section is not displaying any images or directory names. Im not able to fix this. Plzz some one help me out there.


Install issue

Hello, I've just installed the phpalbum using the Installer v1.1 utility found at
It looks like everything went ok but can anyone explain to me how I can configure it to work on my site?

Why didn't you open a new

Why didn't you open a new topic? Instead of placing a question in a question of someone else.

But to get to your question, how do you mean that? How to configure it to work on your site. The most simple way is to make a link to the directory you installed PA. Or read the documentation provided by Patrick.However, if you want to let it look like the topic starter, perhaps you could send him a personal message and maybe he's willing to help you.
Otherwise there is some more info needed.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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