Remove backgrounds and borders

I'm using the Flowing_Dark theme, in a frame, at

I've changed the background color to FFFFFF, which matches the color of the page a little better, but is it possible to turn off the background color entirely (so it inherits the background picture of the page)?

And, is it possible to remove the borders which appear around the thumbnails?

Thank you for a great program!

Hello, i'm not sure but i

i'm not sure but i don't think there is some way to inherit background by an IFRAME. Regardig the thumbnails you can edit thmb.tpl.php, So the thumbnails looks like you want. In default.css there is defined the class for thmb and you can setup there border-width to 0.

Thanks, I'll try that. I'll

Thanks, I'll try that. I'll also experiment with your suggestion in post 89 - that might get me closer to the result I want if I can figure it out. Though I'm very new to PHP coding.

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