Memory problem? Can't resize/modify photos

You have to remember that a

side note: You have to remember that a 2mb jpg, once decompressed into memory is much more than 2mb.

I do realise that. I've made

I do realise that. I've made a quick rough calculation. Let's say the size of the photo is 2592x1944, and lets asume it is loaded as 'True colors' in the memory; so 32bits.
It goes like this:

2592 (width) x 1944 (height) x 32 (bits for truecolor) = 161243136 bits or aprox. 20 MByte.

That would make sense ofcourse since the errorlog I posted mentions something about a 10MByte limit. Although I've raised the memory settings in my php.ini to '128M'.
So the question still remains: Why is the errorlog talking about 10MByte since I've got another value showing up in phpinfo();.

It could be possible that my hoster only allows me to use 10MByte of the memory for a PHP script, although he must set that on a higher level than the php.ini, because I'm supposed to be in control of the php.ini. That could be the reason why phpinfo(); shows I got up to 128M of memory limit, but actually there is another setting somewhere; not PHP related but rather related to my virtual webhost account, that only allows me to use 10MByte. How nice of them to promise me php.ini control if they actually can make their own restrictions on a higher level.

*Final edit: I found the solution. In order for my custom php.ini to work, I had to put it in the phpAlbum directory. Thanks for the response though.

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