Automate caching

How difficult would it be to generate cached thumbnails and resized photos when a new directory is found?

I have phpAlbum running on an old computer, and if when it automatically scans for new directories and finds one, it could also create the cached thumbnails and resized photos then that would be a big help.


I'm going to look for a

I'm going to look for a solution for this too, so the resized images are generated in advance. A problem that I most likely will encounter is a script time-out (ever tried to let php resize 50 JPGES of high res. 2MB?); so I'll think of scripting it in a way so only 5-10 images are taken care of at a time.

What about standalone script

What about just a standalone script which can be run from cron with a low priority. As an option.

Paramount Feature


Having an app utility to cache photos ahead of time is a critical feature. My problem is not a slow system, but a large image gallery. I started down the path of finding a simple photo album to look at dirs for content as browsing via a network share is too slow. It turns out that waiting for the cache to populate is just as slow. Not having this feature leaves me with one of two options. 1. Create the util to populate the cache when I'm asleep. 2. Find another album.

PHP Album is a nice web app! I like it, but need to have the cache generated ahead of time. :-/.

Anything ever happen on this?


and ouput buffering should keep the browser from timing out as long as something is written. e.g.

IMG_0001 cached
IMG_0002 cached


This would be a GREAT feature added to some GREAT code.


can I have your code?

if anybody has already done such a thing, it would be nice if you could send me the code even if it is not working perfectly. my mail: cja(at)

At the moment I have to do the following:
I installed the gallery on xampp and on my hosted webserver. I then generate all thumbs and resized images by clicking through the galleries and upload than the cache folder to the webserver, because generating the images there is really slow.

I agree

This would be an AWESOME feature. Even if it was just a button that could be clicked from the setup. So that users/viewers don't experience the initial slowness while pics are generated.


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