How do I use phpAlbum in my existing site?

I really like the ease of use of this program and want to integrate it into my existing site for our non-profit. We have tried several different programs and this is by far the easiest for me to train our office volunteers to use. We run a camp and post photos of the kids for the parents to look at daily. You can check out our current site at



hi, The easiest way is


The easiest way is putting the album installed somewhere in an IFRAME in your site.

The best way, and in your case not so hard to do is create an own theme editing album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php. First copy Borders or Flowing_dark directory to some other in the theme directory. Let say "Inidan" :). After that you can choose your "Indian" theme in setup. So you have now there themes/indian/album.tpl.php and so on.
Next you have to put the code you have on your sites in this two files. So it will look as your site, it will have the menu you have ... just it will be generated by phpAlbum. Of course you will have to setup the colors and photos and thumbnail sizes so it looks good.
Just experiment! if you make it someway corrupt, just copy the files you changed from original theme and you can try it again.

Good Luck!

re: the easiest way is...

is there a way to call phpalbum into an existing webpages with .php instead of iframes?

No. Unfortunatelly not. But

No. Unfortunatelly not. But you can make phpAlbum to generate your whole page as it would be so. Just put all the html code in the template files of your theme. Look here: Stateside
This is one just presented album and there is no IFRAME used.

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