How to display the long description?

I want to add the long description to my images in the gallery view instead of just in the single image view so that I can read all of the long descriptions for the images at once.

long_desc and image_long_desc dont work as is. I tried editing the code and setting it up, but my skills are limited and I cant get it to work.

Anyone know how to get that working?

You could try to put the

You could try to put the text you want in the short description. Only will the lay-out be messed up. I've placed an example on my site : with the picture 'kerstkaart'. It forces two pictures a line down.
I don't think that there's a neat way to achieve what you want.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on


I was hoping to actually get it working, but I may have to give up and just do as you suggest and use the short description.

Perhaps Patrick, the person

Perhaps Patrick, the person who developed phpAlbum, has a solution for your question. Or maybe a feature request for another lay-out with a picture on the left and the long description on the right of it, but you then get more the looks of Coppermine (another gallery program written in php).

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Hi, this is not so easy, it


this is not so easy, it needs multiple changes in main.php and engine.php where the variables are filled to be accessible in thmb.tpl.php.


Using long_desc in phpAlbum with Lightbox 2

excellent app Patrik
I too am wanting to use long_desc in the lighbox and ive been checking out your code and you are quite right it would take alot to make this work..

I would strongly suggest to any users who are using the lightbox hack to simply use the short desc field and put their "long" description there perhaps later on down the road this will be available to those of us who use the nifty lightbox

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