Table Border in Gallery

I need to put the border at 0 but I can't really find the correct file to replace the value.

I also wanted to change the background of the cell of each thumbnail...

can someone give me a help?



i am using flowing dark, and

i am using flowing dark, and it doesn't have the default.css file in it, so i changed the file in borders, anyway it didn't work.

neither did the thmb.tlp.php, it changes only the shadows of the photos...

Ok, now I have no idea what

Ok, now I have no idea what you need as in Flowing Dark there are no borders.
If you mean thumbnail borders and photoborders, you can setup 0 values in Setup->Themes admin section.

I changed to Borders, and

I changed to Borders, and the borders disappear. However I'm not still able to change the bgcolor of each thumbnail.

Another question I have is, in borders theme, how can I have the order of the albuns in horizontal and not vertical as it is?

greetings and thanks for the help

just fixed the problem using

just fixed the problem using Flowing Dark, just changed the file raster.tpl and it worked for both things I intended to.

When I finish to integrate it in the website, I will send an email to you Patrik and probably work in a translation to Portuguese.

Thanks for the help

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