PHP 5.2.5 and no thumbnails

My thumbnails are not getting shown. The only sizes shown are the original size.
GD is installed. For my PHP info go here:
album is here:
I would love to get this to work.



please take a look at FAQ on this site, the second questions and answer will help you :)
You have too big pictures for the 8M memory limit in your PHP settings.

Unfortunately I can not catch this error and show some error message as "memory out" error is a fatal error.


I forgotten, for 3MPix

I forgotten, for 3MPix pictures you need probably more then 12M memory limit to be able to load them in PHP.

You must raise the memory limit in php.ini or resize the pictures before uploading them.

For 2048 X 1536 ...

I guess you need even more than 16megs. Oh well, in main.php I added this line to the top...
ini_set('memory_limit', '20M');

Seems to be working now.


Ok, I'm glad it works now

Ok, I'm glad it works now for you. It is good idea to use ini_set for raising memory limit, normally it is not allowed but for some people (like you for instance) it would be helpful if it were already there in PA-Code.


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