hay can anyone help me on setup a register and login logout on my web page iv never done it dont no much about it just need someone to walk me threw it

help 2

i allso need to no how to set up the data base for it and what info i might need to enter in to the codeing from pre.. tuts. iv read it says i need to enter my mysql user name and pass iv done that in the codeing then says i need to ender my mysql data base or something idk i just no im lost and im willing to learn if someone will show me how to do all this.

Hi, I am not sure where you


I am not sure where you need to help, first you can try to login in setup page.
Just go to your album, click on login a put admin as username and admin as passwerd and click login button.
After this you will see new link "setup" where when you click you will go to admin section of PA where you can play a little bit with settings ...


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