Thumbnails are not displayed

Hi, I want to use phpAlbum for my holiday impressions. I installed apache and PHP on my local maschine and set up phpAlbum. I put images in my data folder.
It works great but Thumbnails are displayed as rectanges with a red cross inside. I used different pictures without success. When I click on a Thumbnail I get a new page with the picture on it. That works fine. What I do wrong ? I not changed the standard configutration for phpAlbum. Thanks for help.

GD Library


There is a small add on for PHP called GD Library that automatically creates the thumbnails along with the large, medium, and small photos. I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. You can find a download for it just about anywhere on the net. It's easy to install in your php files running on your server. The best place to download it would be it's home address: They have great instructions on installation also!

Good Luck!!

Thanks for the quick help. I

Thanks for the quick help. I use PHP Version 5.2.5 that already includes GD2 Libary. The parameter extension_dir = "C:\Server\PHP\ext" of the php.ini File is set and the extension=php_gd2.dll is set too. The OS I used is Windows Vista. Does somebody have experience or have an idea why it does not work.

I originally tried to run it

I originally tried to run it with PHP5 but had some problems also. When I changed it down to PHP4 it came up in a flash. Try PHP4 and see if that works for you.

PHP 5.2.5

I too am using 5.2.5 When I used 5.0.5 It worked fine but I upgraded today to 5.2.5 and now it doesnt show the thumbnails.

GD is installed. For my PHP info go here:

Album is here:

I would love to get it working again.

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