having trouble changing the logo

so i changed the logo to a file that i had uploaded... but i want to change itto something else. right now the file name i've put in is htmltop.jpg and i want it to be htmltop2.jpg - i thought i'd uploaded the file to the right place (the phpAlbum directory?) but every time i set it as htmltop2.jpg it just comesu p as a broken image. where is the proper place to upload the logo to?

Hi, actually it does not


actually it does not matter where you place the image. Important is that in Setup->Themes admin section the parameter "Logo file path:" is relative path to this image from phpAlbum main directory.

The original logo is placed in "res" subdirectory so the path is "res/logo.png", if you place your htmltop2.jpg in phpAlbum directory it should be just "htmltop2.jpg" and it should work. Not thet Logo style must be set to "file" to use your image.


It works great once you get

It works great once you get the hang of changing the file path. Right now I have about 6 logos I rotate through!!

I do have one question along this subject. Is there a way to change the logo in the "Setup" page (where the visitors create their user name and info)? I changed out the PNG in the RES file but it still pulling the original logo. Do I need to change a table somewhere?


Yes you can change the logo

Yes you can change the logo in setup as I described in my previous comment. If you change the original PNG in res/ you will have to delete cache in Setup->Cache options.


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