First of all, great script!

My question is just this: how does the Search work? I haven't quite figured it out...

If you could just help me, it would be really nice


With this you can enable

With this you can enable search field on the album pages. Currently searching only works for the keywords imported from IPTC which can be placed inside the picture file through a photo-editing program or a special editor.

A program capable of doing this is IrfanView. But on the internet there are also other programs to be found who can do this.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

thanks! I will try it today,


I will try it today, and then post some feedback.


well, I used IrfanView and

well, I used IrfanView and placed the names of the photos, then after uploaded I made a scan, and I tried to use search, but nothing appears..

any sugestions why?


Hi dual,

Hi dual,

unfortunately the search facility is quite new and it works only for keywords stored in IPTC ( not the photo names or descriptions )
So you can put some keywords like the names of the persons on the photo, year, month and so on and you can then easily select that photos ...

That Keywords are then also displayed in imageview page in photo parameters and are linked to search for that keyword ...

Searching on photo names and descriptions are planned to be implemented, but this is not that easy as we do not use any real DB just plain text files for storing this values...
Adding new keywords in phpAlbum is planned too.

thanks a lot for the help. I

thanks a lot for the help.

I know how difficult it is to make that search work. that's why I never tried to make my own php album with no DB.


One more thing :) yesterday

One more thing :) yesterday I programmed new Search engine in this script. It will come with the new version. It can now search for every thing i.e. file name,short and long description and keywords. It was not that hard to do it, I just used so called inverted indices which are usually used for full text searching.


nice! when will you release

nice! when will you release the new version?


Probably beginning of

Probably beginning of February I will release 0.4.2 Version. It is going somehow slow this time, if I only had more time for it :)
I will send then a newsletter about new release, so you will surely know about it if it is out...


is this supposed to be supported now ?

Is this feature (searching through short and long description and filenames) supposed to be supported yet ?

I downloaded my version yesterday and it doesn't seem to work.

Search not working for me

I posted somewhere else - figured I try here as well...

My images have keywords, however whnever I search I get no results. When I browse the images I do see the keyword in the fields below the image though - not sure what's up.

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance.

no it isn't. Not until

no it isn't. Not until version 0.4.2 I think. Currently the released script is still at stage 0.4.1.xx

Im very much looking forward to future releases of this wonderful script - I think I've seen an author speaking of a DB integration as well. One can surely hope - making custom queries would then be hassle free, this could even be integrated with admin panel for people not familiar with standard db queries.

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