How to rename "Photos" in album/directory listing

Hi there,
I stumbled upon this site yesterday while searching for some kind of photo album and I just want to say I'm very glad I did :) I spend most of the day reading and slowly tweaking it to my liking.

In the album, the directory/album listing is displays as follows:

"Home | Photoalbum :: Photos"

I did a quick search and was able to change :: to >> in the album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php. My question is, how do I change "Photos" to say "Root" (or any other word)? For me, I would like to have it display as "Home | Photoalbum >> Root >> Album name >> sub album name". I tried to look for possible reference to 'Photos' ($dir['name']) but I'm not sure where it's getting the name from. I'm still a "noob" when it comes to php so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. :)



Hi Jimmy,

Hi Jimmy,

Go to Setup->Translations and find that text and translate it to your needs. Don't forget to save the changes :)


Hi Patrik, Thanks for

Hi Patrik,
Thanks for pointing me to the right place! It never occurred to me to look at the Translations tab, I just thought that section is for changing from English to another character set. Boy do I feel dumb now LOL. Thanks again!


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