Removing "download original file" link


Is it possible to remove the "download original file" link when this option is disabled at the groups-page?
And if it isn't maybe it could be an option in a newer version (disableing the download when not allowed to do so)

This because when guests are not allowed to download a picture, they still get the link shown and when they click it, the get a denied page?

edit 19th December

I know I can disable "show Filename", but when registered user view the pages they also can't download the picture because of the 'missing link'.

Joep Meijer
using phpAlbum on

Hi Joep, no it is not

Hi Joep,

no it is not possible to remove it automatically. Neither it is possible to disable it on group basis. It is just an photo parameter which can be displayed, but it is quite good idea to make it possible. Of course this would be optional, as sometimes it is good to see for users what could be possible if they were registered or so ....


I asked this because it

I asked this because it would be an option to combine it with the option I gave to KPE about the disabling the right click.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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