slow thumb & image loading

sorry for another thread about slowness.

I'm running:

linux 2.6.19
slackware 11
apache 2.2.6
php 4.4.4
phpalbum 4.1.14

this is on a P3 500MHz (katmai) box with 396MB ram dedicated to serving up phpalbum

After initally noting how slow it was I though I'd try my hand at rebuilding things to see if I can get it faster, so I rebuilt zlib,libpng,libjpeg, and gd. I get a slight improvement but not much.

I can see from ssh that many httpd are started when a phpalbum page is loading (i assume gd resizing images)

I have set everything to cache (i think)

thanks for any help

I think for that processor

I think for that processor you have just too big pictures there. Resizing that big pictures take much memory and CPU time.

You should resize them to 800x600 or similar ...

On the other side, if they are generated and cached it should be significantly faster ...

I was afraid you'd say that

I was afraid you'd say that :)

trouble is I want the full size pictures available for d/l still in case someone wants a high quality for printing picture.

previously I used bash scripts and convert to create thumbs and a 800x600 image offline and so I guess thats what I'll be reverting to.

is there a way to put thumbs and scaled (800x600) images online but link to the original files for download? (with your phpalbum) ?

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