All albums showing vertically

Hello Patrik,
I am using the Border template and I recently added alot of albums to soon realize that they are all showing vertically making the whole right side of the page empty.
Can you please advise ?

What I am doing on my site

What I am doing on my site is to put in that directories some pictures, or to show the newest pictures there.

You could also use the other theme where you do not have this problem.

This is the only major

This is the only major drawback to this script, but it's a HUGE drawback. My gallery is here: I'm using the "default" theme...

Are you telling me that there is no way to display the albums on this main page as a grid instead of a single column? This is probably a deal breaker.

Please advise if I can display this page as a grid or not, and if so, exactly how. (Suggesting using another theme/template doesn't really help if you don't suggest where to find them.)


I like the borders

Thanks for the quick reply,
I like the borders though that the border template provide, I just don't like the whole big right empty spot, I will wait to see how it looks like on your site, then I will download the edited border template if you ever upload it here.
Thanks :)


Yes, It would be nice if we also can organize albums thumbnails (or icons) on main page just like "Raster style" is for pictures inside of the albums.
Let's say 4 rows and 4 columns per page...
If its possible to do that by modifying a code, please let us know.
Thanks Petr

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Next to each other

Yes, I'm looking for a fix for this too.
If the other themes have the albums next to each other, it should be easily done in the borders theme right?

I'm using the album for a website, and the person I am making it for really wants the albums aligned next to each other.
I put a lot of work in getting the album to look almost exactly as the website, so it would be a huge setback if I had to redo all that work by re-editing a new theme.

Is there anyone willing to look into this and provide a fix?



Sorry for the double post, but I thought it was worth is, since I actually fixed it.
After some editing in album.tpl.php, dir_pic.tpl.php, default.css and thmb.tpl.php I actually managed to pull it off.

Set the directory thumbnail size to the size of the normal thumbnails, and voila.

Check it at

Still testing to make sure everything works as it should.
If anyone wants this, I can send it, but it was already modified to change the theme.
So I'm not sure if it is to use for anyone not really knowing anything about PHP (but neither do I and I got it working).

Greets :)

Can you tell us what you

Can you tell us what you edited in these files?

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