e-card 'page not found' linking error

This is an awesome application. Big thanks!

I am having a slight problem with the e-card function.

When sending an e-card of the photo, the email and text work fine, but the links that point to the 'e-card' and the 'image' don't seem to be working.

when clicking the links from the e-card, it takes me to a generic phpalbum.net page that says 'page not found'

any idea how to fix this?


Please go to Setup->E-Card

Please go to Setup->E-Card and change the url to point to your page in all the text you find there. If you do not get it to work, just send me an email with link to your page and admin password to your page and I could correct it for you, it takes just a minute for me ...


I am having the same problem

The links in the e-card received do not work. I tried changing the text in the e-card under setup, still didn't work.

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