How to change the charset?

First of all, its a great script!!

I'm translating it to Hebrew, my problem is that it shows up as question marks.
In main setup I tried utf-8 and the other 2, but it doesn't help.
In imageview.tpl.php and album.tpl.php I put this in the head...
meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=windows-1255"
but that doesnt work either...

Am I missing something? How do I change the charset to 1255??

Thanks for your time.

UTF-8 must work. If not you

UTF-8 must work. If not you have a problem with your browser. Be sure that you are viewing the page with UTF-8 character set.

Thanks for responding,

Thanks for responding, Patrik.

It is not a problem with my browser, I checked on a number of PC's.

When I leave everything on utf8 as u suggested I get question marks instead of the characters, although interestingly enough the descriptions of images which I've written in hebrew show up fine on the same page.

Any ideas? Is the language file processed in a different way, which would cause a prob?


I figured out what I was

I figured out what I was doing wrong.
I was writing the language file in a different charset.
What a stupid mistake...

Thanks again for the great script!!!

Ooh, you edited the language

Ooh, you edited the language file :) ok, now it is clear, i just tried to type some hebrew description of one picture in demo album and it worked.

If you translate it for you you can use Setup->Translations section, it is easier then edit some files :)

Anyway, it is nice to hear that it works now ...


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