Several questions

I plan to use PHP Album embedded to CMS.
It has a place for copyright notices at the bottom of the page.
Is it OK, if I remove "Powered by PHP..." from the gallery pages and put it to the mentioned section of the entire page? That would help to make the design smoother.

I tried to reduce font size in the PHP album. In most cases I succeded, but I didn't found where to change font parameters for the comments. Field names and the comment itself are still too big for my site.

Of course you can remove

Of course you can remove that text, you can do with the code everything what you can with every other open source code unde GPL License. Just check the GPL.

Actually it should be possible to change this in default.css of coresponding theme, i think the setting for TD{...} and there the font-size. But i am not sure, for sure you can change it direct in comments.tpl.php by setting the font size of the texts ...

Thanx, I'll try it

Thanx, I'll try it

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