Nordic letters in image filenames trunctates image params and leaves album gaps

Uploading more than a few images, with nordic letters in filenames causes the latest PA (PhpAlbum) to loose it's marbles. All images in a batch of files, where filenames have nordic letters åäöÅÄÖ (Å, Ä and Ö) have their params blotched. All other images with non-nordic letters in the same batch seems to work well though.

An example: Uploading an image named Öl (in old euro-HTML'ish Öl), a more socially oriented fluid in the nordic countries than it's more pratical use in Germany -- go figure finding thirsty northerners totally lost at german gas stations ;), will cause gaps in an PA-'album overview' and also loose the assigned image parameters st in PA-configurations

If, say, the japanese get a hold of PA, it could cause a real stumbling block in PA.

Might I suggest a regexp-block and an error message and logging in later PA-releases.


There is already error

There is already error logging in PA ( by the way good idea to write only PA:) ), you must switch it on in Setup->Error Logs

Actually it should not be problem to use any letters which are displayable by UTF8.

Could you may be send me the link to your page where I can see what exactly is your problem?

Nordic letters...

Hi, current images are of a rather private nature, I'm afraid. I'll rig something this week and I'll provide a PA-link thereafter. Thank's for the quick response and a really neat PA.


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