Get file_name variable during thumbnail generation

Hello. First, as many others have already said ... thanks for a simply fantastic script.

I am using v0.4.1.14_fix01.

I would like to be able to call the filename variable from my thmb.tpl.php file. I have incorporated Highslide JS ( into the thumbnails rather than the imageview.tpl.php being called when a user clicks on a thumbnail. However, the Highslide JS needs a unique ID for each thumbnail. I would like to use the file name as this ID. I tried implementing your instructions noted in but this did not return a filename. How can I access the filename variable or the 'file_name' field stored in the album_files_100x.php file?

Also, is it possible to access the 'long_desc' field stored in the album_files_100x.php file? I would like to pass it to the Highslide JS as the image caption.

Thanks in advance!

- James

Any help would be greatly

Any help would be greatly appreciated from any forum members.

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