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Greetings again!
Somehow in my hacking away at your code and learning some PHP in the process, I have managed to lose the "next" link in previous/next table in the album. The "previous" link still exists. I have, after spending time looking through all the files, finally replaced all the files in the php directory (main.php, phpdatabase.php, etc) with the original files. I am using the "Borders" theme,so I have replaced imageview.tpl.php, album.tpl.php with original files...and still no next link. I went into setup and enabled "show previous/next below image", and it works, except there still is no "next" link...Any suggestions about what file I should look in or refresh? I have also cleared my browser cache, and the phpalbum cache.

Could it be that you

Could it be that you translated the next text in Setup->Translation to "no-text" I mean that you deleted that text? Just look in that setup section actually this should not be possible, but try to put the text next as a translation for it ...

If this does not help, you will have to reinstall it .. you probably forgotten to replace some file with original file ...

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