Adding an IM-adress field in My Account?

I'm interested in adding a field to the My Account template of phpAlbum. Thus, also the flatfile database for it's storage. Any suggestions where to look or is it a long haul and php-trek in the code?

Tried a phpAlbum-search with "my account" and found nothing -- Google Safe Search flagged as On though. ;)

-- 2007-12-04 --

Well, I've skimmed through the PA-code, loaded into Eclipse-PDT, and found that a slight change of tidbits in php's album_tabs, album_user, setup and also seems to work. Any indication of things overlooked or of related importance would be appreciated.




I am using PDT too, it is quite good for PHP programming.

You did it almost right, the only thing is that you edited flat file database files, album_tabs (which is a system table about objects in DB) and album_user. The more convenient way would be to change install_db.php and edit the db_create_table statement for the table users :)

Any way, I am quite impressed with your skills in "skimming" trough PA-code :)

Have a nice day!

And sorry for the totally late answer, I just somehow did not have the time for checking the forum.


Sloppy me and skimming PA-code

Hi, about the simpler solution, well, that's just me being sloppy, looking for do:ability. Your PA-code is well structured and very readable and I'll try to keep it that way, passing do:ability. I'll keep you posted.

// Ditto -- as Ditto in Latin

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