Thumbnails and Images not displaying

Dear Admin,

As near as I can tell your album scripts are very nice and easy to use, they seem to work great! I am having just one problem, none of the pictures or thumbnails are displaying. I've gone through the forums and I'm sure we either have the php GD2 Library issue or the max memory issue, but this project is on a time-crunch (to get done in less than a week) so I don't have time to fiddle around with it to discover the reason for its malfunction (fixing it will require several emails with the webspace provider, which can take a day or more to get anything done on). I appreciate your quick service and helpful responses. Please email me if you need the user/password for the system.
Thanks for your help.

The album is located at:


You are missing GD2 Library

You are missing GD2 Library in your php installation. You have no memory limit there. Ask your admin to install GD2 otherwise no php Album will work ...

Thanks for the prompt

Thanks for the prompt assistance. I will speak to our webspace provider about that. To your knowledge, if they can't get us GD2 Library, is there any other viable option to do a photo album/gallery without using a database?

You could use html album

You could use html album generator like

Or may be there are some little php scripts where you have to create thumbnails manually.
GD2 is needed to manipulate the photos like creating thumbnails and resizing ...

My provider enabled the GD2

My provider enabled the GD2 library last night, but I am having the same issue as before; any other thoughts of what I may be doing wrong?


You still do not have GD2

You still do not have GD2 there.

Where should it show up on

Where should it show up on that list when we do have it? (I've called the administrators of our servers, and they're working on it now, but i'd like to be able to check their work.)


Well, it should be visible

Well, it should be visible in that phpinfo page for wich I wrote the link in my previous post. But there was no GD module enabled. Now I see it is there and I see also your site is working now! That is great!


Site is working

Yep! The site is working fine, thank you for your excellent assistance! Great scripts!


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