Just installed using installer. Sample pics work, but not mine. I must be doing something wrong...

The subject kinda explains it all. I used the installer to put the software on my site. All of the sample pics are showing up fine. However, I attempted to make a new album...

cd photos_XXXXXXX
mkdir brett_bad
mv ../../../images/* ./brett_bad/
chown -R XXXXXXXX brett_bad
chgrp -R XXXXXXXX brett_bad

Everything appears to have proper owners, groups, and permissions. however, they just aren't showing up on the site unless I view original.

Do I need to upload the images some certain way in order for them to work?

You can see my problem at: http://www.brettmorgan.com/album

Hey BrettLefty, try to use

Hey BrettLefty,

try to use some smaller pictures, your is quite big and prbably too big (MPix wise) for your site. How large it can be depends on your memory limit in php.ini


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