Deleting "Register new user" and one more thing

First of all I'm really glad that you created the phpAlbum it's best gallery I worked with ^^ And here are my problems:

1. So I can't find where to delete the Register New User button and how to disable the register website which appears after clicking on that button.

2. I want album list to be displayed on first page (like for the "/" directory) and no Album menu on left ONLY ony that main page.

Hope you can give me some hints how to do it :)


1. you will have to edit the

1. you will have to edit the login.tpl.php file in your theme directory to remove this feature.

2. You could try to use Flowing_Dark theme, or edit album.tpl.php of your theme and change it so it behaves like you want it :)

3. Sorry for late answer, I did not have much time for phpAlbum last few days ...

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