I Have Problem.. Please Help

Patrik sir i need help i have install phpalbum to my network website where is apache and mysql installed.. all scripts i have installed working good this phpalbum also working good.. i have installed it correctly and i have made one photo dir there and setup it from admin panel right? but when i put pictures to photo album it shows number of pictures and all pictures are with cross sign there All are like X means not showing pics i go to admin panel and scan there pictures but there also it shows pics number but not showing any thumbnail.. and one other prob is i make directory in photo album but its showing blank i scan galleries from admin panel it shows 1 dir and 2 pics but in main page its not showing dir.. and pics with X sign please help as soon as possible

Upload Manager: Create Directory Error


First let me say thank you for your hard work; Very nice web application.

My Problem is within the Upload Manager. When I try to *create a directory* I get the error message: HTTP Error 406 - Not acceptable

Is this error due to a setting within my web server or within the phpAlbum coding?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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